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Minister advocates for clean and fair energy in Latin America and the Caribbean

Panama. The Minister of Energy and Mines of the Dominican Republic, Antonio Almonte, advocated on December 16 for strengthening the political will for a clean and fair energy transition throughout the region, during the assembly of the Renewable Governance Committee in Latin America and the Caribbean (RELAC), which met in this city.

He said that the RELAC initiative creates operating and monitoring structures that have opened a relevant stage in terms of energy cooperation and that «thanks to this platform we share learnings in climate security and it is an appropriate space to reconcile the decarbonization of national economies, with the will to ensure social and economic stability during the process».

He argued that «by initiating a virtuous dynamic of collaboration we improve the resilience, competitiveness and sustainability of our electricity systems. It is important that the promotion of renewable sources be accompanied by adequate technical assistance mechanisms and continue designing communication channels for the fruitful exchange of experiences,» he said.

The Dominican Minister of Energy thanked the organization for its work in favor of the economic and social progress of our nations and its efforts to expand the possibilities of action in a strategic area for sustainable development, and promised that the Dominican Republic will continue to strengthen the existing ties of union, as well as maintaining a firm will to materialize objectives that have the advantage of being shared.

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