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Government closes 2022 with more than 50,000 property titles issued

Santa Barbara, Samaná. The government administration of President Luis Abinader has delivered 50,143 property title certificates, as part of the fulfillment of its commitment to guarantee Dominicans the enjoyment of a home, property or space in which to live happily and safely.

This information was shared on December 23 by the head of the Technical Executing Unit of State Land Titling, Mérido Torres, during the ceremony in which President Abinader delivered a first batch of 200 titles, out of a total of 437, in the sports center of Santa Bárbara, Samaná, as part of the National Titling Plan.

The president said that with the delivery of titles there is only justice and benefits; that is why delivering property titles is an action of social justice, economic development, quality of life that has all the benefits of a public policy, he said.

“Without the day-to-day work and dedication of the government, this would not happen. Today we have more than 400 titles, we are going to deliver today about 200 because the others were not located and have some difficulties, but in reality there are almost 900 titles around the city of Samaná that have this difficulty and which we are working on,” he said.

For President Abinader, the delivery of the property titles has a great meaning, because it assures the beneficiaries that this property is theirs and that no one will come to take advantage of it: “this means today that you will be able to sleep more peacefully in your homes and this, as Mérido said, can only be achieved with the support of a government that today is not doing you a favor, that today is doing justice in Samaná”, he said.

He emphasized that in Samaná they are carrying out other works, but with today’s project they are bringing justice, tranquility, peace and economic development to more than 400 families in this first stage and later, in a second stage, to about 800.

He revealed that he decided to deliver these titles on December 23, one day before Christmas Eve, to bring joy to these families of Villa Salma, La Mezcla and El Millón, who had been waiting for years, so that this would be the Christmas gift from the Government to this municipality of Samaná.

Meanwhile, the president of the Technical Executing Unit for the Titling of State Land, Mérido Torres, emphasized that the Samaná titling project will benefit a total of 437 families, to whom he guaranteed that they are now the legal and definitive owners of their homes and plots of land. 

He said that this titling process was assumed in its entirety by the Dominican government, saving a total of RD 34,960,000 pesos to the beneficiaries; because “if they had carried out the work individually, each property would have paid a minimum of RD 80,000.00, making it clear that this amount is for plots of land of a small size”.

The Titling Commission has in process a total of 81,350 beneficiaries and has already identified a total of 52,680 throughout the national territory to work on in the first months of 2023, informed Torres.

“President, if we do a simple mathematical sum of the last two amounts, we can say that we already have 134,030 resulting that will be converted into property titles and that together with you we will be delivering in the next year,” he stressed.

Francisco Virgilio Mercado de Peña spoke on behalf of the titleholders, who thanked President Abinader for the delivery of the property titles to the inhabitants of Samaná, and said that now they will be able to celebrate Christmas happily.

“For us it was a utopia, it was a lie and Mr. President has told us that here are your titles, Samanenses; my promise is fulfilled,” he said.

President Abinader was accompanied by the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza; the directors of National Assets and CEA, Rafael Burgos, of the Dominican Agrarian Institute, Francisco Guillermo García, and of the National Cadastre, Héctor Pérez Mirambeaux; the general administrator of the Agricultural Bank, Fernando Durán; the provincial governor, Teodora Múlix Geraldino, and the mayor of Samaná, Nelson Núñez.

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