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Ministry of Culture launches Dominican Public Art program

Santo Domingo. – To strengthen citizen coexistence by transforming public spaces into creative environments that revalue national identity, the Ministry of Culture and the Innovation Cabinet announced on October 21 the launch of the Dominican Public Art (DPA) program.

The first test of this project is taking place in Miches, in the province of El Seibo, where 30 prominent local artists are creating 40 murals in three iconic spaces in the town, under the artistic direction of Kilia Llano and the curatorship of Luis Graham.

The interventions address three concepts: the «Habitat» route, at the entrance from El Seibo, which will be inspired by the water resources, flora and fauna; the «Origin» route, in the Central Park and City Hall, which will be dedicated to the people and their customs; and the «Memory» route, at the entrance to the town from Bávaro, which will make reference to important recent historical events.

In addition to being tourist attractions, these spaces, in which artists of the stature of Michoacán’s Genaro Reyes, Cayuco, and Puerto Rican Damaris Reyes, Damalola, recognized for her picturesque and avant-garde style, add value to our country brand and provide opportunities for the local economy. The program’s execution agenda lasts four months and includes theater courses, concerts and other artistic activities of a participatory, inclusive and plural nature.

This project involves the Ministry of Culture, together with Fiduciaria Reservas S.A., the ADP Commission and the Executive Directorate of the Innovation Cabinet; in addition to the collaboration of private sector companies, such as the Punta Cana Group, and the support of the municipality of Miches, INFOTEP, the Banco de Reservas and the Armed Forces Vocational Schools.

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