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Culture signs agreement with Berklee College and announces program announcement

Santo Domingo-. On November 16, the Ministry of Culture signed a cooperation agreement with the Berklee College of Music, with the objective of training Dominican students in different areas of music, through the training programs offered by that U.S. university.

A similar agreement with this educational institution was signed by the AES Dominicana Foundation and Empresa Generadora de Electricidad ITABO, with the same objective of supporting the training of Dominican students.

The agreements establish that an on-site study program will be offered, using the Berklee College of Music teaching method with students applying to participate in «Berklee in Santo Domingo» until December 8, from December 9 to January 14, 2023, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at the National Conservatory of Music of the Dominican Republic.

The training will take place over six days of intensive study, with lectures and classes that include theory, ear training, improvisation, ensemble playing and instrumental instruction, for residents of the country who are at least 15 years of age at the time the program begins and who have been engaged in playing an instrument, or singing, for a minimum of six months, at no cost to the successful candidates.

Las instituciones firmantes pretenden involucrar a los mejores artistas y educadores del territorio nacional, para ofrecer experiencias de aprendizaje auténticas y de primer orden.

Referring to the agreement, Minister Milagros German stressed that it allows to give the opportunity of academic musical training «to our young people, which is a certain step to continue democratizing access to culture.»

«In our administration we are convinced that inter-institutional alliances are fundamental for the cultural development of our country. I thank the technical teams of Berklee, the AES Dominicana Foundation, ITABO and the Ministry for the great work done to be able to offer this program in our National Conservatory of Music,» said German.

For her part, Erica Muhl, president of Berklee College of Music, expressed her appreciation «for this alliance with the Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic, the National Conservatory of Music of Santo Domingo and the AES Dominicana Foundation, which provides access, opportunities and resources to talented students.»

She added, «This collaboration supports our mission of diversity, equity and inclusion, while preparing these talented young artists for impactful careers. I look forward to seeing the program grow and to building and strengthening our partnership in the years to come.»

Edwin de los Santos, president of the AES Dominicana Foundation and Ege ITABO, said, «Music is the energy that sustains the souls of the world. For the entire team of AES Dominicana, Empresa Generadora de Electricidad ITABO and myself, it is very gratifying to see how we are positively influencing Dominican culture by contributing to the musical education of so many talented young people».

He invited students to participate in «Berklee in Santo Domingo,» noting that «it is a program that will mark the lives of 160 young people and the acceleration of the orange economy in the Dominican Republic.»

Since 2015, the AES Dominicana Foundation and Ege ITABO have awarded scholarships to Dominican students to further develop their musical training in summer programs at Berkee College of Music, and by 2023 has committed to award five full scholarships; while the Michel Camilo Foundation will award one scholarship and Berklee will allocate close to one million dollars for this purpose.

Applications to participate in «Berklee in Santo Domingo» should be made online at https://www.berklee.edu/berkleeontheroad/berklee-in-santo-domingo, attaching supporting materials that demonstrate musical experience and talent.

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